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Live HR, società accreditata dal ministero del lavoro e delle politiche sociali,per l'attività di Ricerca e selezione di personale qualificato, attiva da quindicianni con due sedi in Veneto e Toscana sul mercato del centro - nord italia, opera grazie ad un gruppo di professionisti, provenienti da esperienze diverse in multinazionali, società di consulenza e ambito accademico, che hanno scoperto di condividere un comune approccio al lavoro, la stessa concezione del cliente, una simile idea di organizzazione e qualche spunto creativo.


Our client is a multinational company and is looking for a


Main Skills:

-Mechanical Engineer with at least 5 years experience in design, project engineering and/or project management.

-Good knowledge of the basic production technologies and special processes frequently used in the Rail Industry (Welding, Gluing, and Painting) is required. Experience in the Rail industry is desirable but not mandatory, as long as he/she is familiar with the management of complex offers.

- Good use of 3D and 2D drawing SW

- Advanced use of Database (Access, ERP)

- Excel and Power Point advanced

- Fluent English

- Solid, confident person, assertive. Positive attitude, available to work with teams.

Role Description:

- Analyzes the Requests for Quotation (RfQ), submit to the top management a first screening of the major features of the possible supply to get a first evaluation of the opportunity, plans the bidding schedule (Gantt), the response methods and the resources to be dedicated to them by collaborating with the technical departments.

He/She interfaces with:

- Customer to obtain clarifications, details, documents and references about the RfQ - Internal Technical Dept. for the technical Clause by Clause which contributes to writing personally, possibly also by making first-level drawings and models

- Quality Dept. for quality and approval - Purchasing Dept. for the costs of the purchasing parts

- Strategic suppliers that are decisive for the success of the individual offer

- Production Dept. for internal production costs and times. - Collaborate with the Legal Department and with the Commercial office Dept. for contractual aspects .

- Commercial Dept. to define prices and margins, communication to customers

He/She prepares and does personally: 

- Cost and risk analysis, using ERP data from railway operating units, purchasing data and its optimization analysis 

- Some sketches of principle, simplified drawings and models 

- Presentations of the offer to customers in collaboration with Sales Manager

- He/She Manages and sends a 2 weeks/monthly report (database) with the list of offers made, those in negotiation, at various stages of progress (including those lost) .

Workplace: Florence but available to frequently travel to nord Italy and other countries production sites (railway division).


Live HR srl, società autorizzata a tempo indeterminato dal Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali per l’attività di Ricerca e Selezione del Personale Prot. 13/II/0010998/ MA004.a001r.
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